October 03, 2011

Lost & Found...

I just spent the most magical week in San Francisco, California. I saw fabulous places, met fierce people and took many pictures...

The view from my JetBlue flight from Rochester. Such a beautiful image, even though I was practically shitting my pants as I'm not a big fan of flying. I have always felt that someone of my size and stature does not belong this high up in the air. Keep my big ass on the ground, thank you very much. That said, if you need to fly, choose JetBlue. They are FABULOUS!

I was so excited to purchase this copy of
in San Francisco, where it was originally written.
(See my last blog for more about that!)

It was such a thrill to visit this iconic location used
in the novel Tales of the City
and later in the miniseries
starring Laura Linney and Olympia Dukakis.
With my BFF on "Barbary Lane". One of the happiest moments in my life.

On the Golden Gate Bridge. Even though the fog had rolled in, the sight was amazing.

Fisherman's Wharf. Gorgeous view.

On Castro, the gayest street in the world!

A highlight of my trip was attending Folsom Street Fair, the annual BDSM and leather subculture street fair held on the last Sunday in September and capping San Francisco's "Leather Pride Week." It takes place on Folsom Street between 7th and 12th Streets. Actually, it was my alter ego, Pinkie Eleganza Extravaganza - the Debutantess of Outlandish Videos, Gifts & Leather, who attended, and she had a ball ... sometimes two!

Yup, that's a cock.

(Full disclosure: I don't often get flustered around half naked men
... job hazard ...
but this man was absolutely gorgeous AND a really nice guy.
I should have married him on the spot!)

Casey Williams and Nate Karlton at the BoundJocks.com booth!

James Huntsman, Johnny Torque and Marcus Mojo of NextDoorStudios.com!

Marc Sterling and Colby Star of Factory Videos!

Smooching Radar of Factory Videos!

Giving Josh Myers of Factory Videos a hand!

President of Factory Videos and all around fantastic guy, Scott Morris!

The pictures I couldn't post on FaceBook because naked bodies scare their programmers.

Another highlight of my trip was attending a fabulous party thrown by the folks at GusPresents.com and NakedSword.com called Ringmaster. I was invited by a really sweet guy named Mason Star, who also happens to be a FIERCE Go-Go Boy and the new face (and several other fine ass body parts!) of Cockyboys.com! I had an amazing time!

My San Francisco experience? In a word: FABULOUS!

Now on to the next adventure...

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